Tim McGraw Tour 2016 - 2017

About The Tim McGraw

About The Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw (birth name Samuel Timothy McGraw) is an American country singer songwriter. Born and raised in Louisiana, McGraw is of English, Italian and Scots Irish descent. His father was a professional baseballplayer (Philadelphia Phillies)...

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Sundown Heaven Town (2014)

Sundown Heaven Town Tour 2016

Although, the room for innovation in this genre in 2014 may not be so spacious, right from the start you’ll notice something odd: opener track is not a massive overproduced radio-friendly song that one could typically expect it to be...

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Damn Country Music (2015)

Damn Country Music Tour 2016

Over the past decade 48-year old American Grammy-winning singer-songwriter (and actor, occasionally) Tim McGraw has clearly showed that he holds the country throne well. Despite parting ways with a long-time harbor “Curb Records”...

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The Way Of A New Star Of A Country Music

Tim told his plans didn't include becoming a country music star. He dreamed of own small family and a quiet life. He represented the future only hand by hand with his wife. He could dream of Tim McGraw tour dates only. Now tour schedule of musician is crowded. Thanks to the music, style, behavior on a scene and out of it, he began to hold authority among a big circle of fans of music, and it is far outside a country genre. The musician married the country singer Faith Hill in 1996. The couple has so cordial relations that they try not to spend day in separation. With his wife, the musician brings up three daughters.

Timothy was born in May, 1967 in Delhi and has grown up in the little town near Los Angeles. Timothy ‘smother Elizabeth was a waitress. The musician studied sports medicine at University of Northeast Louisiana, and communicated with local musicians and was fond of playing a guitar. From the father the love to baseball was transferred to the boy. In University Timothy has begun to play the guitar and to sing. There future musician sang in clubs and has concluded the contract with a label of "Curb" which releases his record snow. Tim has decided to develop the musical talent already at university. Timothy carefully adheres to the created image: always appears in a cowboy's hat. Timothy emphasizes the identity with his image as a ruggedly good looking and sensitive guy.

After first single "What Room Was the Holiday In" has received negative comments in Philadelphia (Providence) John Hart, and didn't become a hit, Timothy has decided to concentrate on music. Though Tim’s debut single hasn't got to charts, Tim began to be invited to station as McGraw's son (his biological father was the famous baseball player). In 1993 there was his first album. But it has turned out not really successful. The second album "Not A Moment Too Soon" (1994) was remembered to listeners by compositions of "Down on the Farm" and "Refried Dreams", "I Like It, I Love It" and "Something Like That". Tim has released a number of successful compositions. The album "I like It I Love It" has made Timothy an idol of country music.

In 1997 Tim lets out an album "Everywhere". Each composition from an album became a hit. In 2000 at top of musical career Timothy has headed a country chart with songs "Grown Men Don't Cry", "Angry All the Time. In total 43 million copies of albums have been sold worldwide, 23 singles at different times became Billboard Hot Country 100 first in a prestigious country chart. Timothy’s singles reached the top of the charts in Las Vegas, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and Chicago.

Tim McGraw tour dates
Tim McGraw tour under the name Soul2Soul II was in 2006. That tour, which Tim acts together with the wife, became the most successful on charges for all history of country. Timothy only manages to appoint concert dates. Tickets for Tim's concerts are quickly bought up. It is explained by high places in charts. Fans expect for tour 2016 and they are ready to buy up tickets. Tim took part in shootings and scoring of movies, participated in a script writing to the movie.